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Patrol Division
Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for the prevention and suppression of crime. They are generally the first contact that Citizens have with the Police Department.  The division consists of sworn officers who answer calls for service and conduct self initiated activity.

The responsibilities of the Patrol Division include:

Preservation of the public peace, protection of life and property, and prevention of crime.
The preliminary investigation of all crimes.
Enforcement of laws and town ordinances
Traffic Enforcement and education
Investigation of incidents relating to vehicular/pedestrian traffic to include motor vehicle collision investigations
Community Policing
Business and Residential Checks
Assist other departments such as Fire & Rescue and Code Enforcement
Assisting the residents and visitors to the Town

Marine Patrol

The Ponce Inlet Police Department’s Marine Patrol Unit was established as a part time unit in 2006 to patrol the Intra-coastal waterways of the Halifax and Indian Rivers and their tributaries from Daytona Beach to Edgewater, Florida.  The unit is staffed by four cross-trained officers from other units within the department.  Our patrol vessel is a 25 foot center console Boston Whaler.  The majority of patrol time is during the summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The Intra-coastal waterways are some of Ponce Inlet’s most hidden treasures and offer not only a picturesque view from afar, but many activities and recreation for all ages.  The Marine Patrols primary responsibility is to ensure waterway safety.  Other responsibilities include promoting boating safety, providing boating education, general law enforcement activities, prevention and investigation of waterfront crimes, emergency medical assistance, search and recovery, providing assistance as requested to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, special events and enforcement of the manatee safety zones.

If anyone would like to know more about vessel laws of the State of Florida, please visit the State’s website at   While visiting the website you can request a “How to Boat Smart” handbook, which also has a test that qualifies you for a lifetime boater’s safety identification card.

The Town of Ponce Inlet would like for each and everyone that wishes to use the waterways to have a fun, enjoyable but safe time!

Animal Control

The Town of Ponce Inlet and the Ponce Inlet Police Department are dedicated to providing the best possible service to the citizens of Ponce Inlet. We have two fully certified Animal Control Officers, Sgt. Doug Rudd and Officer Mark Walker. All Officers respond to calls of animals causing a disturbance, loose animals, animal cruelty cases, injured animals, and a host of other situations involving domesticated and certain wild animals. Ponce Inlet’s Animal Control Officers are sworn officers authorized to investigate and enforce the state laws and Ponce Inlet ordinances pertaining to animals.
Our Animal Control Personnel are dedicated to providing humane treatment for all animals in their care and each Officer receives specialized training by the Florida Animal Control Association in animal safety, handling, apprehension techniques, and capture equipment.

Bicycle Patrol

The services of the Ponce Inlet Police Department were augmented in 2002 with the implementation of the Police Bicycle Unit.  The unit is staffed with five (5) cross-trained officers from other units within the department.  The Bicycle Unit utilizes specialized Trek Police Mountain Bikes.  Each bike is equipped with high intensity lights in the front and rear for night time patrol and easy visibility as well as police markings.

The objective of the bicycle unit is to add another facet to the police department’s approach to law enforcement and service to the residents of Ponce Inlet.  The Ponce Inlet Police Department utilizes the bike patrol as part of its community-oriented style of policing.  Putting officers on a bike increases the visibility and approachability of the officers and the community they serve.  It allows business owners and residents to speak to that officer on a face to face basis and address issues and concerns that they might not be able to ask an officer driving by in a patrol vehicle.  A bicycle can also be less obtrusive and more low-key than a patrol car. It allows the officer to approach a situation without being observed and without as great an interruption in “normal” activity than driving a car into the area.  The Bike Unit has proven very valuable at special events such as the Christmas parade, Vets at the Light, Art Festivals and 5K Runs where larger crowds could hamper access by a vehicle.

The Bike Unit has been very beneficial in patrolling the unique terrain of Ponce Inlet.  These areas include large wooded natural areas like Lighthouse Point Park and Ponce Preserve, sidewalks, boardwalks leading to the beach, the jetty and neighborhoods.  Bicycle patrol has been useful for crime prevention efforts in the area of the boat parking ramp, many off beach parking lots, restaurant and business parking lots, and recreational parks throughout our town.

“Preventing Crime One Pedal At A Time”

Town of Ponce Inlet 4300 South Atlantic Avenue, Ponce Inlet, FL 32127 Phone: 386-236-2150