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Frequently Asked Questions: Police
Is there someone at the Police Station all of the time?  If not, what are the hours of  business?
The Police Station is open 7 days a week between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.  If you need assistance after these hours there is a call box at the main entrance to the department which will connect you directly with the Volusia County Sheriffs Dispatch Center.

In the event of a mandatory evacuation do I really have to leave?
Mandatory evacuation orders are given when the threat to our Town is significant.  While you cannot be forced to evacuate, conditions may deteriorate to the point that units from the Police or Fire Departments may not be able to respond to your home.

What do I do about the raccoons that are getting in my garbage?  Do you have an animal control officer?
We have one Police Officer trained as an  Animal Control Officer, however a recent state law requires that professional, state certified “animal removal services” be  used in the case of wild animals.  These can be found in the yellow pages of your telephone directories.  If you have any questions about Animal Control you may contact Sgt. Rudd or Ofc. Walker at the Police Department.  

Is there much crime in the Town of Ponce Inlet?
We are a small Town without a great number of businesses.  We have a full time, fully accredited Police Department.  These factors help keep our crime statistics among the lowest in Central Florida.

Who do I contact in reference to property the Police Department may have?
If you have reason to believe the Ponce Inlet Police Department may have property that belongs to you that may have been taken in a theft, turned in for safe keeping, or you have lost an item that may have been turned onto the Police, you can contact Lieutenant Max Binz or Mr. Butch Rodidoux at 386-236-2160 and arrangements can be made for you to recover your property.

Is there a waiting period before I can report someone missing?
This is a common misperception.  The answer is no.  The moment you are concerned about a person’s whereabouts is the time to call.  You may make a missing person report any time you realize someone is missing.

What are my rights as a victim of a crime?
In the past, our legal system has emphasized the criminal rights while at the same time ignoring the rights of the victim.  Working with the State Attorney’s Office the Ponce Inlet Police Department seeks to focus our attention on the rights of those who have been impacted by the criminal element.  The Ponce Inlet Police Department has brochures that were created to better understand victim’s rights and the services that are available to all victims and witnesses of crime.  All officers carry these brochures and will provide them to anyone.  They also may be obtained at the Ponce Inlet Police Department lobby area.

Where do I pay a parking citation?
You may either bring your payment directly to the Ponce Inlet Police Department,   or mail them to: Ponce Inlet Police Department, 4301 S. Peninsula Drive, Ponce Inlet, FL. 32127.  Should you wish to contest a parking citation you must send your request to contest the citation in writing to the Ponce Inlet Police Department within the required 10 days and arrangements will be made with the Clerk of the Court for a hearing date.

Where is your Department located? The Ponce Inlet Police Department is located at 4301 S. Peninsula Drive, access may, also, be gained by entering the Town Hall complex at 4300 S. Atlantic and proceeding towards Peninsula Drive.

How can I get fingerprinted? Fingerprinting is accomplished at the Police Department, Monday through Friday, 0800 – 1600 You must bring a photo identification card and a fingerprint card provided by the company or agency making the request for you to be fingerprinted.  There is no costs for Ponce Inlet Residents; all others are charged a $10.00 fee for this service.

How can I obtain a V.I.N. verification? Please call the Volusia County Sheriffs Office dispatch at 386-248-1777. The forms may be down loaded at

Explain the “Turtle Lighting” ordinance. The purpose of the ordinance is to protect the threatened and endangered sea turtles which nest along the beaches of Volusia County, Florida, and to encourage sea turtle nesting on Volusia County beaches by minimizing the artificial light on the beaches. It is the policy of the county to minimize artificial light illuminating the entire coastal beach of the county, and said lighting for new development shall be regulated as provided in this section. To meet this intent, building and electrical plans and the construction of single-story or multi-story buildings or structures, signs, commercial or other structures, including electrical plans associated with parking lots, dune walkovers or other artificial lighting for real property within the incorporated and unincorporated regulated boundaries shall be in compliance. Additional info may be found on the Volusia County web site at 

How do I obtain a “Beach Pass?” Passes may be purchased at the entrance to either the beach approach or entrance to Lighthouse Point Park.  Passes are, also, available at the Volusia County Annex, 250 N. Beach Street, Daytona Beach.

The parks located in the Town, who’s jurisdiction is that? Off beach parking?
All parks within the Town of Ponce Inlet are the responsibility of the Town of Ponce Inlet with the exception of Lighthouse Point Park and Winter Haven Park.  If should be noted that the Ponce Inlet Police Department handles the majority of calls for services and enforcement of applicable Town ordinances and state statutes within all the parks in Town.

Can I report drunk drivers on my cell phone?
Yes.  Calls to 911 on a cell phone are free, but unlike regular phones we can't tell where you are calling from.  Be prepared to give your location, direction of travel and a description of both cars. Your safety is of utmost importance to us.  Do not pursue the drunk driver or in any way place yourself in danger.

Can the police open my car if I lock the keys inside?
Because of the potential for damage to vehicles, the Police Department does not open locked vehicles. A locksmith is your best alternative. However, if a child has locked himself/herself in a vehicle this is a true emergency due to the severe heat possible in Florida. The Police Department and/or Fire Department will respond and open the vehicle any way possible, even by breaking out the window if necessary.

I think that there may be a warrant for my arrest.  What should I do?
You should contact your local law enforcement agency.

How do I report suspicious activity?
The Police Department depends on citizens calling to report crimes or suspicious activity. If it is an emergency, dial 911. For non-emergencies, call (386) 248-1777. The dispatcher who takes your call will ask questions about the activity to determine it's nature and ask for descriptions of the people involved. You might be asked if an officer or detective may contact you.

How do I get a concealed weapons permit?
The concealed weapons permit or firearm program is administered through the Department of Agriculture.  You may get all your questions answered and all the forms to apply at

Who is required to wear a bicycle helmet?
Florida law requires that a bicycle rider or passenger under age 16 must wear a helmet that meets the nationally recognized standards for bicycle helmets. It is also unlawful to rent a bicycle to a person under age 16 unless the person has an approved helmet or one is provided with the bicycle. Violations of the law relating to bicycle helmets subject the violator to issuance of a traffic citation which may effect when they can be issued a drivers license. The Center for Disease Control and National Bicycle Safety Network maintain a very informative website

Bias Based Profiling
It is the policy of the Ponce Inlet Police Department that bias based profiling is prohibited in conducting traffic and/or field contacts, asset seizure and forfeiture efforts pursuant to FSS 166.0493.
It is the responsibility of the Ponce Inlet Police department to conduct patrol operations in a proactive manner, to aggressively investigate suspicious persons and circumstances, and to actively enforce the motor vehicle laws of the State of Florida, while insisting that citizens will only be stopped or detained when there exists reasonable suspicion to believe they have committed, are committing, or are about to commit, an infraction or violation of the law.
It is the policy of this department to provide citizens with the highest degree of law enforcement services, regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, age, income status, sexual orientation, and religious or political affiliation.
A fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States to all who live in this nation is the right to equal protection under the law. Along with this right is the fundamental right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures by government agencies. Citizens are free to walk and drive our streets, highways, and other public places without police interference so long as they obey the law. They are also entitled to be free from crime, and from the depredations of criminals, and to remain safe from the actions of reckless and careless drivers.
The Ponce Inlet Police Department is charged with protecting these rights, for all, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious or political affiliation, physical handicap, or other belief system.
This policy is intended to assist the officers of the Ponce Inlet Police Department in accomplishing this mission in a way that respects the dignity of all persons, and yet sends a strong deterrent message to actual and potential violators that, if a law is violated, a police encounter will follow.

How can I check someone's criminal background?
Florida Criminal Histories can be obtained through the FDLE web site at 

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