Building & Permitting

The new 8th Edition Florida Building Code became effective on December 31, 2023.

An updated edition of the Florida Building Code is adopted triennially by the Florida Building Commission. The code may also be amended between updates in order to incorporate the Florida Building Commission’s interpretations into the code, address conflicts, and update standards, among other statutorily specified reasons. Minimum requirements for permitting, plans review, and inspections are established by the code, and local jurisdictions may adopt additional administrative requirements that are more stringent. The Town of Ponce Inlet has adopted a modified Chapter 1 of the Florida Building Code, Building, for administrative purposes.

The Town has also adopted the 2021 Property Maintenance Code, effective December 31, 2023.

This new edition of the Florida Building Code is effective December 31, 2023. All applications and documentation submitted for a permit as of this date must reflect this new code. Please make note of this date.

The Florida Building Code is based on national model building codes and national consensus standards, in addition to Florida-specific provisions. The code incorporates all building construction-related regulations for public and private buildings in the State of Florida other than those specifically exempted by Section 553.73, Florida Statutes. It has been harmonized with the Florida Fire Prevention Code, which is developed and maintained by the Department of Financial Services, Office of the State Fire Marshal, to establish unified and consistent standards.

The code is composed of nine main volumes: the Florida Building Code, Building, which also includes state regulations for licensed facilities; the Florida Building Code, Plumbing; the Florida Building Code, Mechanical; the Florida Building Code, Fuel Gas; the Florida Building Code, Existing Building; the Florida Building Code, Residential; the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation; the Florida Building Code, Accessibility and the Florida Building Code, Test Protocols for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones. Chapter 27 of the Florida Building Code, Building, adopts the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70, by reference.

Before doing any construction in your home or on your property, please contact the Planning and Development department to see if a permit is required. Permits are needed for almost all construction, remodeling, tree removal, fencing, decking, walkways, driveways, patios, etc. The permitting system exists to make sure the work is done correctly and safely. Getting a permit in advance is required by law and will minimize any unexpected expenses or delays.

Please feel free to contact the Town of Ponce Inlet Building Department at 386-236-2182 if you have any questions. The 8th Edition Florida Building Code is available online at

Duties & Responsibilities

The Building Department reviews building plans, issues building permits, provides inspections, issues business tax receipts and enforces property maintenance codes. All inspections and permitting activities are conducted in accordance with the Florida Building Code and other State and Town laws. The Building Department also reviews and enforces Floodplain Management rules and regulations.