Rental Properties

The Town’s rental permit program has been in effect since October 1, 2004. The program requires all property owners who advertise or offer their dwellings for rent to first obtain an annual rental permit from Town. The Town’s dwelling rental regulations are found under Section 3.18 of the Town of Ponce Inlet Land Use and Development Code. Rental permit application procedures and requirements can be found on the Rental Permit page.

 All properties in Ponce Inlet may be rented out on a long-term basis upon being properly permitted by the Town. A long-term rental is defined as a rental period of 28 consecutive days or more. A short-term rental is defined as a rental period of less than consecutive 28 days. Short-term rentals are only allowed in certain locations, as listed below. 

 Note: Short-term rental of any single-family dwelling is prohibited in Ponce Inlet.

Short-term Rental Locations

Only the specific condominium buildings listed below are zoned to allow rental on a short-term basis, subject to proper permitting by the Town:


  • Southpoint                               4453 S. Atlantic Ave.
  • Towers 1                                 4545 S. Atlantic Ave.
  • Towers 2                                 4535 S. Atlantic Ave.
  • Towers 3                                 4525 S. Atlantic Ave.
  • Towers 4                                 4555 S. Atlantic Ave.
  • Towers 5                                 4565 S. Atlantic Ave.
  • Towers 6                                 4575 S. Atlantic Ave.
  • Lighthouse Shores                  4745 S. Atlantic Ave.
  • Antigua                                    4757 S. Atlantic Ave.
  • Martinique                               4767 S. Atlantic Ave.

 Note: Please review the appropriate governing documents of your condominium to determine whether rentals are restricted in any manner. Issuance of a short-term rental license by the Town does not in any manner affect such restrictions.