Special Events

To determine if your event requires a Special Event permit, please review the special event ordinance.

To receive a Special Events application, please call 386-236-2163. 

Process for Obtaining a Special Event Permit

     Please keep in mind that:
    • Any off-site parking will require written permission from property owners (this includes any parking at the Ponce De Leon Lighthouse and the Town-owned boat ramp parking lot next to Davies Lighthouse Park
    • Parade Applications require a map of the parade route
    • All trash must be picked up and placed in dumpsters to avoid animals getting into trash
  • Submit completed application packet to the Administrative Department at Ponce Inlet Town Hall, 4300 South Atlantic Avenue. Staff can notarize the application
  • Special Events Committee members will review application and request any additional information. A meeting with the Committee and applicant may be required
  • Applications must be approved by Department Heads and the Town Manager
  • Applications will go before Town Council if a request is made to waive fees, for Town advertisement on website, utility bills, and/or signs at Town Hall
  • Once approved, all fees need to be paid
    • Fees could include: Special event permit fee ($150), sound amplification ($50), personnel fees (varies by department), and variable message board rental fee - if this equipment is determined necessary for traffic control by the Chief of Police (varies by number of days required)
    • Please note that the cost of any additional personnel called out to the event that were not listed either on the request to Town Council or on fee invoice will be billed to the applicant after the event, (i.e. Public Works personnel required to pick up trash after event or police called out during event to help with non-emergencies such as traffic control)
  • When all fees are paid, the permit will be issued and made available for pick up at the Administrative Department at Town Hall