Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigative Unit is committed to the investigation of all crime in the Town of Ponce Inlet. These crimes can be misdemeanor or felony and can range from property crimes to serious crimes against persons. Most investigations are initiated by the Uniform Patrol Unit and followed up by an investigator however cases can be initiated by the Investigative Unit itself. Various investigative work includes research, interviews and follow through on criminal proceedings with federal, state, county and city agencies.

The Investigations Unit responds to and assumes investigative authority over all major cases and crime scenes 24 hours a day. Our Investigators coordinates with their counterparts in surrounding counties and cities in an effort to share information to locate wanted persons, learn about criminal activities and trends in the area and to pool our collective resources in extreme circumstances. They meet on a regular basis with other investigators through memberships in their respective investigator associations in areas such as intelligence, robbery, burglary, homicide, sex crimes, etc.

Property & Evidence

The Criminal Investigative Unit is also responsible for all evidence and property brought to the police department and the processing of all crime scenes. Investigators are trained in the recovery of fingerprints, trace evidence (to include blood, body fluids and fibers). All evidence is marked and inventoried and is held securely until the case is concluded or, in the case of found property, returned to the owner.

Internal Affairs

The Ponce Inlet Internal Affairs Section is run out of the Criminal Investigative Unit. It is, in essence, the quality control center. Allegations of agency employee's inappropriate behavior, or failure to follow agency rules and policies are investigated or coordinated through Internal Affairs.

Chief Glazier is committed to providing all citizens and visitors of Ponce Inlet the best possible law enforcement services available. The Chief believes that good ethics and principles on the part of every officer and employee of the Ponce Inlet Police Department are the very foundation of a professional organization.

Improving Performance

As a means of constantly striving to improve police performance and maintain the highest respect from the community the Ponce Inlet Police Department:
  • Seeks citizen input for improvement in our services.
  • Welcomes citizen commendation of our personnel who admirably perform their duties.
  • Encourages questions and/or complaints regarding the agencies performance or the actions of its employees whenever there is a concern


The Ponce Inlet Police Department adheres to the following principles:
  • Integrity: We adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards. We are honest and sincere in dealing with each other and the community. We have the courage to uphold these principles and are proud that they guide us in all we do.
  • Respect: We recognize the value of our cultural differences and treat all people with kindness, respect and dignity. We cherish and protect the rights liberties and freedom of all as granted by the constitutions of the United States and the State of Florida
  • Fairness: Objective, impartial decisions and policies are the foundation of our interactions. We are consistent in our treatment of all persons. Our actions are tempered with reason and equity.
  • Courage: This is accomplished through our willingness to confront society's most dangerous situations. We recognize the ever-present dangers of our assignments and we are able to respond confidently and courageously as a result of our training and commitment to the community we serve.