Bicycle Patrol

The Bike Patrol adds another facet to the police department's approach to law enforcement and service to the residents of Ponce Inlet. The Ponce Inlet Police Department utilizes the bike patrol as part of its community-oriented style of policing. Putting officers on a bike increases the visibility and approachability of the officers and the community they serve. It allows business owners and residents to speak to that officer on a face to face basis and address issues and concerns that they might not be able to ask an officer driving by in a patrol vehicle.

A bicycle can also be less obtrusive and more low-key than a patrol car. It allows the officer to approach a situation without being observed and without as great an interruption in "normal" activity than driving a car into the area. The Bike Unit has proven very valuable at special events such as the Christmas parade, Legends Parade, and 5K Runs where larger crowds could hamper access by a vehicle.  All police bikes are outfitted with lights and sirens.