Frequently Asked Questions about the Planning & Development Department

Where can I get specific information about the Planning & Development Department? 

You can visit the Town’s website at to get answers to additional frequently asked questions. If you do not have access to a computer, you can come to Town Hall, where department staff is available to assist you. You may also contact us by phone at 386-236-2181 or 386-236-2182.


What is the difference between the Planning Division, Building Division and Code Enforcement Division.

While both divisions are branches of the Planning & Development Department, they serve different functions. The Planning Division is responsible for long-range planning of the Town and administering the Town’s Land Use and Development Code, including zoning and tree protection requirements. The Building Division coordinates the Town’s building permit review process, reviews plan for conformance with the Florida Building Code, and provides building inspections. The Code Enforcement Division investigates complaints and violations of Town Codes and oversees the Town’s dwelling rental permit program.


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When do I need a permit?

A building permit is needed for most property improvements except flooring and painting. General maintenance inside the house including installation, replacement, or repair of minor appliances (not requiring a licensed electrician or licensed plumber), flooring, and painting does not require a permit. General maintenance outside the house such as painting does not require a permit. 


Permits are required for constructing driveways, paver walkways, patios, and decks, installing a new sign, soliciting, hosting a yard (garage) sale or special event, adding an accessory structure, and work to an existing structure that is beyond the scope of general maintenance. Changes to the building façade also require a permit. If you are not sure if a permit is required, please call the Planning & Development Department at 386-236-2181 for clarification.


What does a permit cost?

A $35 permit application deposit is required for each type of permit. The total building permit fee is based on the fair market value of the work being done, and is calculated by the Building Official upon issuance of the permit. The adopted Building Permit fee resolution can be found on the town’s website at


Who can apply for a permit?

Per Florida Statutes 489.103 , 7a 1: Property owners can apply for a permit when Building or improving one-family or two-family residences on such property for the occupancy or use of such owners and not offered for sale or lease, or building or improving commercial buildings, at a cost not to exceed $75,000, on such property for the occupancy or use of such owners and not offered for sale or lease.


All other properties require a State Licensed Contractor to obtain a permit for any proposed work covered under the Florida Building Code.


 Where do I find the flood zone for my property? 

Enter your property address in link to obtain your flood zone: 


How do I schedule an inspection? 

Contractors must call the inspection hotline at 386-236-2188  or online at by 8 a.m. on the day the inspection is desired. You will need to provide the permit number, type of inspection, address and the preferred date and time for the inspection, and a contact number.


What do I do if I (or my contractor) fail an inspection? 

You or your contractor will need to correct the deficiency and request a re-inspection. Additional documents may be required as determined by the Building Division. There is no charge for the first re-inspection. A $50 Re-inspection fee will be charged after the second failed inspection $50, $100 after the third failed inspection: $200 after the fourth failed inspection.


What hours is a contractor allowed to work?     click here


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Can I rent out my property?

All residential properties in Ponce Inlet are allowed to be rented on a long-term basis (28 or more consecutive days) upon being properly permitted by the Town. Any Ponce Inlet property owner who is interested in renting their property must obtain a Rental Permit before offering the property for rent. The rental permit application is reviewed and issued by the Town’s Code Enforcement  Division. An Annual Report of Tenants must be filed by February 1st annually for each rental property pursuant to Section 3.18 of the Town’s Land Use and Development Code. Each Rental property is required to obtain an Annual Property Maintenance Inspection prior to a rental permit being issued.


Where can I park my boat or RV ?

Recreational vehicles are allowed to be parked on the driveway for up to 72 hours per week, for the purpose of cleaning, loading, unloading, etc.  After time expires, the recreational vehicle must be parked either, behind the front most part of the home, from the street, in the garage, in the rear yard, or removed from the property.


Sidewalk Obstruction from vegetation?

Property owners are required to maintain the sidewalk areas in front of their homes.  Vegetation that is hanging over the sidewalk should be trimmed back so there is not a hinderance to pedestrian traffic.  Tree limbs over the sidewalks are to be trimmed to a height of 7 feet.  Cactus, Spanish bayonet, and other types of thorny vegetation shall not be within 3 feet of a sidewalk or roadway to prevent further injury to pedestrian in case of a fall or an emergency event.



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How can I find zoning and development requirements?

This information can be found by calling the Planning & Development Department at 386-236-2182. Specific requirements from the Town’s Land Use and Development Code may also be found at MUNICODE.


Do I need a permit to cut down a tree?

In most cases, yes.  The Town has strict tree removal regulations, so it’s always best to contact Planning & Zoning staff prior to cutting to confirm whether a permit is required in each particular case.  


Are there certain trees or plants I should not plant on my property?

There are some species of trees and plants that are invasive and whose growth negatively impacts native species. These include the Brazilian pepper, air potato vine and smilax vine. A list of plants that do well here in Ponce Inlet has been adopted as the Town Plant List. Copies are available in the Planning & Development Department. The Town encourages the planting of native species that thrive in this location and climate.