Electric Vehicles Information

The issue of electrical vehicle (EV) fires has become more prominent in recent months, with public discussions occurring on the potential impacts of EV fires in Ponce Inlet.


We want the public to know that the Ponce Inlet Fire Department and partner agencies are equipped to handle fires in electric vehicles, as well as a multitude of fire scenarios. Electric vehicle fires add a new challenge over fires in internal combustion engines (ICE) vehicles, but we are equipped to attack and mitigate any fire in an electrical vehicle. The fire department has instituted new operational procedures and tactics to assure the safety of our responders, the public, and to maximize the effectiveness of our fire attack on electric vehicles.


Below are a few websites with information on electric vehicles that public may find interesting. The links below are not intended to be a totally inclusive list on electric vehicles or fires related to electric vehicles.







Lithium Battery Disposal Information:

Florida Homeowner's Guide to Battery Recycling and Disposal 

Lithium Battery Recycling Regulatory Status & FAQ's

Fire Department report presented to Council on January 19, 2023

Please feel free to contact the fire department at (386) 322-6720 if you have any questions regarding EV fires or fire department operations.