Common Misunderstandings of Code Enforcement

  • “Code Enforcement is Unnecessary”

Most people prefer to live in a nice, clean, safe community. Through the years, Town Councils have put ordinances in place to ensure the health, safety and attractiveness of our community. The Town’s Code Enforcement Division strives to keep Ponce Inlet a clean, safe, and beautiful place to reside. That process involves making sure that properties are in compliance with local ordinances and community standards. Code Enforcement Officers routinely drive around to identify and help property owners resolve any violations. The Town’s Code Enforcement program benefits both the residents and the Town as a whole by maintaining property values and making the most of the beauty Ponce Inlet has to offer. 


  • “Code Enforcement Relies Exclusively on Complaints from the Community”

While Code Enforcement does respond to complaints, this is not the only way that compliance is ensured. The Code Compliance Manager and Rental Housing Inspector conduct daily visits throughout the Town, so you may see a vehicle, identified with the Town’s logo, driving in your neighborhood. This vehicle makes frequent stops, but that does not mean there is a violation in your area. The Officers practice safe vehicle operations by stopping the vehicle to make notes or take a phone call. If you have a question or wish to report a violation, please contact 386-236-2150 or visit our website at the link provided below.


Report a Code Violation 


Report a Code Violation AFTER HOURS


  • “Code Enforcement Is Only Active on Weekdays”

This is incorrect. The addition of new personnel since December 2021 allows Code Enforcement to work every Saturday as well. On Sundays and certain holidays, the Ponce Inlet Police and Fire departments are also available to assist. All enforcement officers are aware of the Town’s ordinances, will make note of any violations or un-permitted work being done, and can handle complaints. This ensures a continuous presence for the safety and welfare of the community.


  • “Code Enforcement Tickets People Immediately”

Code Enforcement officers do not write tickets. The goal of Code Enforcement is compliance, not prosecution, so property owners are given multiple opportunities and time to address any concerns. The first step after identifying a violation is to provide a “Friendly Reminder” to the owner or occupant of the property. The goal is to inform the owner or occupant about the nature of the violation and how to correct it. If the owner or occupant is not present, a door hanger will be left with a number to contact Code Enforcement staff. The owner is then given time to come into compliance. If the violation is still not addressed by the deadline, it is only then that the case will be sent to the Code Enforcement Board. Code Enforcement officers want to help educate residents on the local ordinances and zoning laws set in place to keep Ponce Inlet the beautiful and safe town that it is.


  • “Code Enforcement Officers Can Walk Around on Properties to Find a Violation”

Code enforcement officers are well-trained to not violate people’s rights. IF officers are on a resident’s property, it is to place a notice or to contact that resident. In the Town of Ponce Inlet, the Code Enforcement program is focused on educating residents about the community standards the Town upholds. Code enforcement officers are not allowed to walk around private property without the owner or resident’s permission. If a violation is observed, it must be observed naturally from the street and not by way of trespassing. The most an officer is allowed to do is walk the most direct path to the property’s front door to drop off a “Friendly Reminder” or accompanying notice.