How long can I keep a recreational vehicle on my property?

Temporary parking of recreational vehicles, watercraft, and/or trailers is allowed in the driveway for a maximum period of 72 consecutive hours per consecutive seven-day period. Dead storage in the abutting public right-of-way shall not exceed 24 hours.

After that time has expired, the recreational vehicle, watercraft, or trailer must be either stored in a garage, in one of the side yards behind the front most part of the home, in the rear yard, or removed from the property.

Recreational vehicles, watercraft, or trailers may be stored in the front yard only on lots with extra room in the front yard, where the distance from the home to the front property line exceeds the minimum front setback. Storage in that location is only allowed if the recreational vehicle is screened behind a six-foot tall opaque hedge, wall, or fence.

RV Parking Example

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